Goodbye summertime.


So there it goes, summer. The (in)famous British summer which, no matter what people say, was lovely. And it was pretty special too. Technically speaking, my daughter was born in spring, but only 6 days short of summer, so I spent most of the last 3 months learning how to be a mother. It has been the most amazing experience of all, watching this tiny human being I gave birth to become a chubby, smiley baby. But I’m sure it’s only just beginning. And yesterday, as a last token of a brilliant summer, she giggled for the first time. We laughed together for a while  – so good of her to do it on a Sunday so her daddy could see it too!

So welcome autumn. The season of perfect light and perfect colours. I hope the slightly cooler temperature don’t scare people from having their photos taken outdoors!


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