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So my ISP has finally decided to behave, and now I can share with you some of the test shots we did yesterday.  Hope you like them! You can see the whole set here 🙂 And a friendly reminder: only a week left to get your photography vouchers in time for Christmas. And they’re half […]

Dear reader


Hello everyone, today I was going to take a break from our Xmas countdown to post some new photos we took on our brand new mobile studio this afternoon. However my ISP has refused me access to internet all day, so I have the photos but not the connection. Shame, as I’m really excited about […]

So, do you still need convincing that photography gift vouchers are a great present? I hope one of these reasons will change your mind! 🙂 1. It’s original. Well, it’s not another Boots spa kit, or another M&S jumper. Or socks, again. This is something diferent, that will definitely surprise whoever gets it. 2. It’s […]

Christmas is fast approaching and, while we cannot shoot in time for Christmas any longer, we are still able to offer an unusual, fun alternative for your Christmas presents: why not give photography vouchers? We have 2 types of vouchers: * Mini: entitles the holder to a 30 minute photoshoot + one A4 print ~> […]

I know I’ve been neglecting this blog lately, but there’s a lot going on at the moment. I just wanted to post a quick note to thank and congratulate Charlie on her wonderful event, I hope she made loads and loads of money for the hospice! It was quite a good afternoon for me too, […]