Seven reasons to give photography this Christmas


So, do you still need convincing that photography gift vouchers are a great present? I hope one of these reasons will change your mind! 🙂

1. It’s original. Well, it’s not another Boots spa kit, or another M&S jumper. Or socks, again. This is something diferent, that will definitely surprise whoever gets it.

2. It’s exciting. Everyone loves photoshoots, don’t they? 😀

3. It’s fun, fun, fun! Having a photoshoot is like a great, fun family day out, except you have something to remember it by in the end.

4. It’s NOT giving something for them to pay for. Unless they want to, of course. We don’t do high pressure sales, so if all they want is the print(s) they got with the voucher, that’s what they’ll get. And no, there’s no catch. 

5. It’s money saving. At first glance, it might not look like it but if instead of giving each family member a cheap present you give the family a photography voucher, it’ll definitely come out cheaper (unless you’re buying presents from Poundland! ;))

6. It’s time saving. You’ve got enough to do without having to think about everyone’s Christmas presents. So drop us a line telling which one you’d like to purchase, pay us using PayPal and we’ll deliver it to you either by post or in person (you can also pay cash or cheque if we’re delivering in person). And it’s beautifully packaged too!

7. It lasts forever. What else can you give that will last a lifetime? In 50 years time, they will look at those pictures and say “remember when uncle gave us this for Christmas? That was a great present!”


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