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I know it’s been a while since I was here but I’m having loads of busy busy days lately, with sessions, my personal photography project and developing an information kit to all my prospective clients out there. These information kits will contain everything you need to know, into fine detail – how I work, details […]

Hello everyone! First of all, I owe everyone who comes here an apology for the “out-of-datedmess” of my blog. The thing is, my ISP is not being very nice to me, so most days I don’t get a proper stable connection, which prevents me from posting anything. When I *do* have a connection, I’m not […]

Hello everybody, I just would like to thank everyone for visiting my blog, I’m really really happy! I’ve even had people from Japan, which is amazing. For those of you complaining about the lack of contact details in here, I’ll put them on the ‘Ana’ tab in a minute ~ can’t wait to hear from […]

Sunday we had a lovely photoshoot with the Hampeles. Lovely, lovely people, and beautiful too! 🙂 While I work on their photos, I’ll leave you with a post session one, in the lovely light of our conservatory. Mr T.   More tomorrow!

A couple of photos of my little girl and her daddy. And now she’s started putting everything in her mouth. Lovely!