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… more like a note: I’m sorry I haven’t posted much, I’ve been busy finishing my new and improved website. Should be ready tomorrow, so fingers crossed! Once it’s finished I have a couple of photos I’d like to share, so hopefully we’ll have a new look and some new photos by the end of […]

Hello everyone! First of all, I owe everyone who comes here an apology for the “out-of-datedmess” of my blog. The thing is, my ISP is not being very nice to me, so most days I don’t get a proper stable connection, which prevents me from posting anything. When I *do* have a connection, I’m not […]

Dear reader


Hello everyone, today I was going to take a break from our Xmas countdown to post some new photos we took on our brand new mobile studio this afternoon. However my ISP has refused me access to internet all day, so I have the photos but not the connection. Shame, as I’m really excited about […]