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I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while but I guess now it’s time: WELCOME TO OUR MONTHLY DRAW! Here are the very simple rules: Anyone can take part, provided they live within 30 miles of us or are willing to come to us; Prize is a Creative Session worth £70; I’ll take a […]

… more like a note: I’m sorry I haven’t posted much, I’ve been busy finishing my new and improved website. Should be ready tomorrow, so fingers crossed! Once it’s finished I have a couple of photos I’d like to share, so hopefully we’ll have a new look and some new photos by the end of […]

The snow has been giving me ideas – creative types just can’t be keep indoors for too long! So while I organise them on paper, instead of in my head, here comes another offer for you: to celebrate the SWPP convention going on this weekend, anyone contacting me to book their session from now until […]

Hello everyone! First of all, I owe everyone who comes here an apology for the “out-of-datedmess” of my blog. The thing is, my ISP is not being very nice to me, so most days I don’t get a proper stable connection, which prevents me from posting anything. When I *do* have a connection, I’m not […]

I know I’ve been neglecting this blog lately, but there’s a lot going on at the moment. I just wanted to post a quick note to thank and congratulate Charlie on her wonderful event, I hope she made loads and loads of money for the hospice! It was quite a good afternoon for me too, […]