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To celebrate Christmas, we are now offering two specials to all our clients: 1. Christmas vouchers! Yes, they were a huge success last year and now they are back! Do you know someone who’s expecting? Or someone with kids? Or maybe someone who has just got engaged? Give someone you love something personal, something that […]

The snow has been giving me ideas – creative types just can’t be keep indoors for too long! So while I organise them on paper, instead of in my head, here comes another offer for you: to celebrate the SWPP convention going on this weekend, anyone contacting me to book their session from now until […]

Hello everyone! First of all, I owe everyone who comes here an apology for the “out-of-datedmess” of my blog. The thing is, my ISP is not being very nice to me, so most days I don’t get a proper stable connection, which prevents me from posting anything. When I *do* have a connection, I’m not […]

Birthday party!


Although my birthday isn’t until Monday, I have a feeling it’ll be a busy few days, sooo I decided to post my birthday offer NOW! Anyone booking this weekend up until 11.59pm on Monday will get the session for free! That’s right, 0 pounds. All you have to do is email me ( your name, […]